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Tubular Skylights

30 Years of Skylight
Manufacturing & Installation

Bring Natural Light into your Home, Office, Shed or Warehouse. You’ll be amazed at the difference a PL Tubular Skylight makes. The tubular skylight concept allows installation nearly anywhere you need more illumination.

With the advent of Tubular Skylights, you can now bring brilliant sunlight into the interior of your home and warehouse, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hallways, Laundry, Closets……all prime candidates for the addition of natural sunlight. Tubular Skylights fit in between the rafters and ceiling joists of your home with no structural modification. This means that you can install one of these in your own home in just a couple of hours, even with limited skills.

Tubular skylights emerged as alternative products to conventional skylights to deliver daylight without the unwanted solar heat gains, and cover areas not usually covered by windows and skylights.

Nowadays, tubular skylights compete with conventional skylights, particularly in commercial and residential buildings.

Tubular skylights consist typically of three parts: collector to gather sunlight, pipe to channel sunlight downward, and ceiling diffuser to diffuse light to the indoor space.

Everywhere you want more light!!!

PL Skylights Lifetime Limited Warranty
Materials and Workmanship:

PL Roof Windows will replace defective product without charge upon the receipt of written notification according to the following warranty.

PL Roof Windows warrants its insulated glass units for five years, from date of delivery, against seal failure resulting in permanent fogging in the space between the glass. There is no warranty against breakage after receipt of delivery.

PL Roof Windows extends its warranty on all vinyl extruded components only, subject to normal and proper use, to be free of material defects and to be free from peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding for a period of twenty (20) years. The vinyl extruded components are not warranted against discoloration caused by air pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals or normal weathering (fading) resulting from exposure to the elements.

Warranty Conditions:
PL Roof Windows’s liability is limited solely and exclusively to repair or replacement of defective materials only (units) at the option of PL Roof Windows and under no circumstance will PL Roof Windows be liable for any labor, freight or any other costs that are incurred. This limited warranty must be validated by having the attached registration certificate completed by the original purchaser or home owner and received by PL Roof Windows no later than 10 days of the completed installation in order for property owner to be entitled to this limited warranty.

PL Roof Windows reserves the rights to field inspect any reported defective material under warranty claim.

Exclusion from Warranty Coverage:
If the material is damaged during handling or installation. Broken glass or torn screen however caused. Consideration on roof windows and skylights, which may occur as the natural result of humidity within the house or building and changes in outside/inside temperature, does not indicate a manufacturing defect and will be excluded from this warranty. PL roof windows and skylights must be installed in a proper and workmanlike manner and according to installation instructions supplied by PL Roof Windows.