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You have had your skylights installed. Now you can see the brighter side of life radiating into your home. It is like mission accomplished for you. The same scenario of the blissful change can take place every day but what if you noticed something is wrong? What if you realised one day that it needs repair? Should you panic? Well, it would be better to stay calm and relaxed. There is a way to find the source of the problem.

Locating the source through some signs you see at home

Actually, the first time you notice something is wrong is already a sign that you are looking intently into how your skylight is performing. You have to take steps to establish the source of the problem. Perhaps, there is a water stain that has built up on your ceiling turning the area affected into a different colour as that of the usual surface. This problem can go down to the floor where puddles of water can build up in time. When you have seen these signs then you are heading the right path to repairing your skylight.

Dig deeper into details

Do not be satisfied with the physical signs you see. Those stains on the ceiling and paddles of water on the floor are great places to start with. You should look beyond that however. You should see where the stain’s highest point is. If it is just near your skylight’s top, it would be wise to ask for help from a skylight service provider. They can check further for other sources of the problem. These experts will look into the skylight’s outside flashing too, one thing that you cannot do. This problem happens due to bad weather when water would rush down the roof’s side. That same water can seep in between the skylight and the roof’s shingles and will result to leaks later on.

Look for other areas affected by the stain

There are times when the stain can be seen at the skylight’s bottom part. When this is the case then you can say that the problem you are experiencing at the moment is due to excessive condensation on the skylight. This may not be a problem to consider at first but once moisture begins to build up then it becomes another thing. Condensation is a problem that takes place as a result of rainstorms and humidity.

When checking on this aspect of the problem, it would be good to inspect the channel with which condensations has been established. Commonly this shows at that part of the skylight where excess condensation is caught and will then evaporate into the air. Looking closely, you should check on signs of clogging or damage. In this case, you will again need help from skylight service providers. They can check very well on such channels and make sure that any water build-up that results from such condensation will not affect the base of the skylight.

Inspect skylight tunnels

Problems with condensation can worsen further when not addressed immediately. In fact, if your skylight has tunnels then the problem will be more difficult to address. The problem with skylight tunnels is the fact that it reduces air that is supposed to flow into the home. This is where condensation starts to increase and becomes a source of any skylight repair problem. It is not that we are saying you should not install skylight tunnels. You can very well have them if you want but make sure there is a corresponding insulation installed with it. Providing room for insulation would prevent condensation and will certainly lessen the hassles when it comes to skylight repair.

You are now ready to have it repaired

You have established the source of the problem but your work does not stop there. You should entrust the job to the hands of experts who should repair the leaks or whatever issues you have with the skylight right away. You would not want to stop right at establishing the source because this would indicate the need to take action. Give the problem a solution right when you have identified them. From there, you can be sure that skylight repair has been done the right way.

When any problem that will lead to skylight repair will arise, it would be good to ask for regular inspection of the structure. Skylight maintenance is a must for every homeowner that has a skylight installed in his home. You should take the lead when it comes to solving the problem.

Contact us for any of your skylight concerns, from installation to inspection to maintenance to repair. You can rely on us when it comes to making sure that your skylights will stay problem-free for many years. So, give us a call and we will look into your specific skylight-related problem right away!