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Skylights are the perfect sources of natural heat and light at any time of the year. It allows that bright ray from the sun to enter through your home via the roof with which it has been installed. This can be a great way to save you on energy bills. Whilst having a skylight installed in your home seems to be more of blissful than a disadvantage, you cannot discount the fact that there are certain problems that may come with their presence. One such problem is a leaking skylight that can cause water and moisture to seep into your home and later on turn into a disaster. Do not worry much though because you can prevent this from bothering you through the tips below.

Establish the causes of how leaks may happen

As with asking treatment for a certain bodily condition where the doctor commonly discusses with you the possible sources of the condition, preventing skylight leaks would also involve establishing the common causes to that problem. One such cause is poorly placed flashing that can eventually result to build up of moisture that will later on seep into your home. This commonly happens with a rain- or snowstorm. Additionally, there is condensation that can also lead to this problem specifically during colder months of the year. It would be good to check on those causes for you to be able to prevent skylight leaks from happening.

Prevention should be addressed right from the start

This would not mean after you have established the cause but more so, at the time you are installing the provision. In this regard, you have to make sure that skylights have been installed properly. Take note that skylights will work best in preventing leaks if they are installed slightly atop the roof. Most of you will think that it would be good to have skylights flush with the roof but this can cause more problems in terms of leakage later on. Check on the mounting structure as well. This one is otherwise known as a curb and typically looks like a wooden box. Make sure that wooden panels are placed atop the curb with a corresponding flashing and underlayment that will reinforce roof protection.

Regular inspection will also be of help

Skylight maintenance is as important as when supervising the way it is installed. Regular inspection will make you sure that skylights remain leak-free through the years. When you have had your skylights installed on your roof, you must make sure that you free it from ice, stray twigs, snow, leaves and all other debris that may cause clogging and eventually hamper the gutters of your roof. Take note that ice and snow can melt up under the sun and can leak into your home when left unattended. They can even infiltrate your home’s sidings through loose shingles.

Attic ventilation is likewise important

Preventing skylight leakage is also done best by actually providing ample ventilation into the structure. You have to take note that condensation is one of the most common sources of leaks. This will make its way into your home through the moisture that builds up on the surface. It can happen at any time of year, whether winter or summer. If you fail to provide attic ventilation then there is a great chance that condensation will start building up and will get into the skylight frame. Running a humidifier in lieu of installing attic ventilation will also be a good choice.

Ask skylight providers for help

We have discussed how integral skylight installation and maintenance are when it comes to preventing leaks on the roof.  This job requires your assistance or supervision but definitely asking the help of an expert skylight provider will be a better choice. Admit that installing the skylight by yourself is not an easy task and making a mistake in the process will cause leakages later on. It is something that you cannot just see through your own naked eyes. It requires expertise and experience.

Additionally, maintaining your skylights or making sure it is free from the debris earlier mentioned is not an easy task. Imagine the need to go up the roof and check if your skylight is okay. That can already be one tiring task and your safety will definitely be at stake. If you have this process done by experts who have the right knowledge and equipment that will help in the process then you no longer need to sacrifice your other chores. Both can require investment on your part but will definitely work to your advantage.

If you are eyeing to install skylights on your home then you can call us for help. We can assure you that our installation is leak-proof. We also offer skylight maintenance services to help check on your installed skylights from time to time.