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Skylights can be fixed at any point of the construction of a building. Regardless of whether your house is still being constructed or you are already done with the construction processes, there is never a stipulated time to start reaping the benefits of a far fetch fetched skylight. During the process of installation, you will be required to work hand in hand with a team of professionals from project architects, supplier’s professional installers to manufacturers to ensure that they achieve just what meets your needs and preferences.

Skylights are usually designed in such a way that they are able to fit perfectly for various roof types, both flat and sloped.  You will require professional advice from installers if at all you are to select a model that is perfect for the roof type that have. A professional roof installer must also be in the best of positions to advice on materials that suits your area best and will serve you for more days, be it glass, acrylic as well as plastic and help you select the glaze type for the skylight.  Once you have skylights installed, how, exactly, do you ensure that they serve you up to the required standards? We have sampled a few of our expert tips to help you in this endeavor.


With quality skylight maintenance, you will be able to increase greatly the lifespan of your skylight a great deal. Have a professional check the fixtures regularly for any signs of leaks as well as staining or bulging. Also for ventilated skylights, the professional will inspect the gears to offer you the assurance that they will not fail or get damaged any time soon.

As time passes by dirt, debris and leaves tend to accumulate on the surface of the skylight, leaving you with a malfunctioned skylight that is blocked. A professional can assess cracks as well as breaks present on your skylights due to the impact of accumulated dust, debris as well as broken branches and fallen leaves. With this kind of maintenance, you will keep skylight related problems the likes of gaskets shrinking, loose flashing as well as glass failing on the minimum.

Cause of leaks in skylights

Major problems that you are bound to experience once skylights have been installed are leaks, they usually start leaking when water finds its way within gaps under the fixture or into the flashing that surround it, or the roof membrane, which is flat. In the event that the water freezes, the gaps gradually expand; and with several episodes of contraction and expansion, the skylight starts leaking. Another possible reason as to why the skylight is leaking may be due to improper installation. This is why it is always advisable to have professionals install skylights for you rather than doing the seemingly hard task yourself.

Other common skylight problems

There are other skylight problems such as condensation due poor insulation, excessive heat as well as the growth of mold and mildew that may cause the roof membrane to rot decreases the fixtures levels of energy efficiency. In addition, you may find that user of a building have problems with too much glare from direct sunlight, which you can be able to address by changing the location of the skylight or simply select remote controlled options that you can easily use to regulate the levels of light entering a space.

To replace or repair

This is a question that you will indeed ask yourself many times when faced with skylight problems. In most circumstances, simple repairs done by a qualified professional can address problems such as leaking and rotting. However, if the degree of damage is too extensive then you will have to replace it, although this project will definitely cost you a lot of money. It is advisable to find a skylight professional who will advise you on how to come up with a highly efficient care and maintenance plan that will save you on huge replacement and repair costs.


Skylights that are leaky badly insulated or have many problems shutting and opening probably have to be replaced with new ones. Newly fitted skylights from reputable manufacturers will be able to refine your home or commercial space effectively, thus making your environment healthier and more conducive.

Cost of replacement projects

The most important factor to consider here is the total cost of the whole replacement project and you will have to determine how much you will be able to benefit from the overall upgrade. You can easily replace old skylights with maintenance free ones that will save you the time and money that goes into maintenance and care plans. When analyzing the total cost of replacement you will have to factor into the cost of removing the old worn out skylight, the cost of the new fixture and its components and lastly the overall cost of installation.